Retrieve Incident

If something unexpected is happening the user is presented with a short description of the event. It is effect of missing or invalid data, insufficient knowledge of the user or software error. Whatever the case, it might be necessary to further investigate the incident. That is why all incidents are being logged on the server with unique reference number.

How to retrieve incident logs

  1. Write down incident number from the incident dialog/screen shot
  2. Select Retrieve Incident command from Administration tab/StatMap group
  3. Type in Incident ID and click OK
  4. Save returned zip file
  5. image

  6. Unpack the zip file and investigate its content or alternatively send it to support (at) statmap (dot) co (dot) uk

Security considerations

Incident logs contain the following pieces of information:

  • Incident message
  • Time and date of occurrence
  • User name
  • Map, viewport and active layer reference
  • Screen capture of Earthlight window

Earthlight never includes any passwords or record data (apart from the one visible on the screen). Moreover a screen capture is always limited to Earthlight window. All aforementioned data are being packed into a single, unencrypted zip archive – you can unpack and read it to confirm that no sensitive data have been extracted from the system.