Earthlight start parameters

Earthlight can be fed with a set of URL parameters to automatically log in a user, display a set point on map and execute Inspect query in this point.

List of available parameters:

login user login (required)
password user password (required)
map complete path to desired map (folder and name). Required if no map is set as a default map for the user, or if the search is supposed to be executed on a non-default map.
x easting of the centre of the displayed map
y northing of the centre of the displayed map
scale scale of the displayed map
drill_down Inspect tool execution
inspect_table name of the table to be searched (the name has to include the database schema i.e. dbo.my_table)
inspect_field name of the searched field in the inspect_table
inspect_value value to be looked for in inspect_field
  • to start Earthlight with a set of parameters enter your default Earthlight map URL address followed by question mark (?) and the set of parameters, e.g.:
  • each parameter name has to be followed by an equals sign (=) and its value, e.g. login=user25
  • parameters are separated with an ampersand (&), e.g. login=user25&password=pass25
  • map value has to be a complete path to the desired map (including folder name)
all whitespaces in any of the parameters value have to be encoded i.e. replaced with %20 entries, e.g. My Value –> My%20Value
  • there are two ways of setting map’s viewpoint:
    – using pair of easting and northing parameters (much like Go To Coords tool)
    – using inspect_table, inspect_field, inspect_value set of parameters (much like Find In Layer tool)
  • drill_down has only one value drill_down=true (this parameter can be omitted if Inspect tool execution is not required)