Aurora is a complete solution allowing users to build location-aware applications to solve common business problems with no programming required. Aurora is efficient and cost effective as it has been designed to be used without the need to employ expensive consultants or software developers.


Versatile applications

  • Build public-facing community portals
  • Create task-specific intranet applications
  • Embed maps into existing CRM or planning systems

Multiple practical uses

  • Find my nearest school, library or emergency services
  • Apply for recycling bags, council tax discount
  • Report abandoned vehicles, blocked drains or faulty street light

Simple interface

  • Looks familiar to Earthlight users
  • Drag-and-drop designer
  • Comes with extensive task library

A library of pre-build tasks

  • Change layer visibility
  • Find address
  • Find the nearest


As you control the entire process you can change the applications that you build or add new features without paying extra and without a lengthy and complex change management process at the mercy of some external software vendor. Aurora’s simple graphical design process has been built around the way ordinary users think and does not require any great technical expertise.

Aurora can build simple, easy-to-use applications that can be used within your organisation or placed on your external web site for use by the public. As it is based on StatMap’s revolutionary Earthlight product it will be fast and intuitive so that people will actually want to use it rather than give up with frustration.

… and power

Aurora contains a library of simple tasks. These tasks can be combined together in a workflow to solve a more complex problem. Building a workflow is as simple as following a recipe in a cook book. Aurora also contains a drag-and-drop designer which can create a form that is shown to the end user. This allows you to get the information you need to get a task done or present information in a format that is easy to understand. Each task has a set of properties that can be configured and tasks can be hooked together so that one task passes on data to the next in the chain. The applications that you build with Aurora can be combined together to form a portal, a single place where the end user can find all the location-based services that you organisation provides.