How to configure Address search box in Earthlight

Address search box allows the user to quickly find location of desired address by entering only a few details like postcode or house name.
The following settings must be configured to enable this functionality:

  1. Gazetteer must be set in Global or Inheritable User Settings
  2. Now use Modify tool (Administration tab) and navigate to the gazetteer, select it and click OK to start the edition. 
  3. Go to Expressions tab and configure Key and Order expressions (Edit button).  The values from chosen fields will be displayed in Address search box. You can choose any number of columns.
  4. Here is a list of fields which we recommend to set for a typical gazetteer in Key expression field:


    and Order expression field:



  5. When Expressions are set, go to Advanced tab and configure cache settings. Please use one of the configurations presented below.

  6. When all settings are configured, click OK button to close the modify window and refresh the Earthlight session (F5 key on keyboard). Login again and try to use Address search. For instance type in letter “a”. Earthlight will start to create caches for the gazetteer.  This operation may take up to few minutes (depends on amount of data ). It is highly possible that error message will popup during the process. If you see [HttpRequestTimedOutWithoutDetail] in the first line, there is nothing to worry about. It means that Earthlight is still creating the caches. Just click Close button and wait few more minutes.
  7. After few minutes,  try again to type something in the Address search box.  If the gazetteer was configured correctly, you should see a list of records.