Reproject command was developed in order to fix two types of raster dataset. The first is a dataset with geolocation files which contains rotation (it means that the source image needs to be rotated by an angle) and the second one is a dataset with projection different then BNG (e.g. Mercator or Cassini projections). If you are not sure whether your dataset is valid or not or you get incorrect results in Raster Loader, please try to run Reproject command.

How to use Reproject:
  1. Open Statmap Raster Loader and at the bottom of the window click the Advanced Tasks… button and choose Reproject command.
  2. The next step is to select your raster dataset
  3. Select directory for Reproject output
  4. The last step is to select coordinate system and to determine if Reproject command should unify resolution. Unify resolution is necessary in the case when some of the source files have different pixel sizes. Additionally, please tick Unify resolution checkbox if you have similar results to below:

The result of the Reproject command is a fixed raster dataset. Please see following screenshot which presents a reprojected raster.