version 2014

Please find below features and fixes which will be available in the latest iteration of StatMap Earthlight, StatMap Earthlight EVO and StatMap Aurora. List of all changes introduced in this version can be found below.

New Features
  1. Text outline – Allows rendering of record labels with halo on the map view and in prints
  2. Inset Maps and Inset Scale in docx templates – New placements allow inserting of a second map window and scale box into docx print templates.
  3. Raster Loader:
    • SMPyramid support for height data – increases precision and eliminates alignment issues.
    • Native ASCII Grid support – allows for a seamless translation of OS Terrain 5 into height data pyramid.
    • Raster data can now be re-projected from any GDAL recognised projection into BNG.
  4. ITN Urban Paths support added to StatMap Courier.
  5. Web Feature Service (WFS) host:
    • Full OGC compliance due to utilising GeoServer as the host.
    • Requires additional virtual server with Java and GeoServer installations.
    • Communications channels must be open between Earthlight and GeoServer for WFS server configuration, and between GeoServer and spatial database for data hosting.

  6. New incarnation of StatMap Comet
    • More portable.
    • Easier to install and maintain.
    • Support automatic two-way synchronisation.
  7. Field Calculator
    • Allows changing specific table column in bulk.
    • Uses widely popular JavaScript scripting language to calculate the result of an expression.
  8. Support for multiple sets of user guides in Earthlight.
  9. Configurable ZoomToExtent option when using Aurora Inspect Queries.
  10. Adjustable Aurora menu pane width.
  11. ‘My Location” option in Aurora. 
    • Enables automatic panning to user’s location determined by the device running Aurora.
    • Configurable in Aurora Script Settings / Watermark and Layout tab – Hide My Location button check box.
Minor changes
  1. Find Nearest result limit increased to 50.
  2. Extensive modifications to the WMS client:
    • CRS inheritance.
    • Legend URL without explicit height is now supported.
    • Workaround for malformed WMS capabilities from Airbus servers.
    • Parsing of additional parameters (allowing for password protected WMS services to be used).
  3. WMS Server – Copyright Statement added to the image rendered.
  4. ReShape tool – Implemented reshaping of a linesting (for example cutting in half).
  5. Changes to open in external mapping toolbox:
    • New radius handling in Open In / Google StreetView.
    • All external mapping services are now being called via a secure SSL on HTTPS protocol. This change requires Earthlight server firewall to be amended – domain “” should be accessible on port 443 and not port 80 as previously.
  6. Page Layout – Clean button added to Page Layout Properties / Next page layout configuration box.
  7. Live Address Search – Matching multiple tokens in gazetteer E.g.: Leeds, Leeds – Live search now promotes results with multiple occurrences of the searched word to the top of the list.
  8. Metadata – New revision intervals implemented in the General Metadata / Revision tab.
  9. From Existing Table – Geometry collection can be chosen as geometry type when referencing a database view.
  10. Filter Query – Select by Attributes – Text wrapping added to Query Builder’s query box.
  11. Aurora: Added warning about disabled JavaScript. If JavaScript is disabled in browser a message is shown on the screen instead of a blank page.
  12. Selection pane – Added selection pane wrapping – When records are selected and the details are viewed in the "Selection" pane the blue tool links ("Go To / Zoom To / Locate / Export") do not wrap onto the next line if the pane is too narrow, which can hide the later tools in the list.
  13. Create From Clipboard – To improve robustness of the data parsing engine and decrease the number of issues caused by unrecognised entries in the first row of copied table the tool handles empty column names, "geometry" column name and duplicates.
  14. Earthlight EVO: Added browser test at the beginning.
  15. Earthlight EVO: Added warning about disabled JavaScript.
  16. Earthlight: Added faster Result directory cleaning.
  17. Aurora: Script Settings – It is now enforced that only allowed characters can be used in the Script Settings / Application ID field.
  18. Aurora: Find Nearest – Find button in Find nearest task now centres viewport on located record.
  19. Aurora: Select Location task can now output point geometry which can be stored in a layer (just like Capture Geometry task).
  20. Aurora: Theme Editor "Instant Header" tab renamed to "Header".
  21. Aurora: It is now configurable whether to return geometry data or not in Web Query Task.
  22. Aurora: Added warning about disabled JavaScript. If JavaScript is disabled in browser a message is shown on the screen instead of a blank page.
  23. Aurora: Capture geometry task is automatically fixing invalid geometries.
  1. Aurora: Scrolling of menu panel (inside of sections) on mobile devices.
  2. Aurora: When the side pane is set as hidden in Script Settings it should not be possible to make it visible in Aurora interface. This works fine in desktop version, however when mobile=true parameter is enabled, the arrow button makes changing the visibility of the side pane possible.
  3. Aurora: Support for <img > tag where http:// is used as a source.
  4. Aurora: Missing show_viewfinder parameter added to embedded Aurora.
  5. Aurora: Capture Geometry task "Accept and Continue" button issues when capturing geometries.
  6. Aurora: Fixed applying selected colour to tasks (in Aurora’s left menu panel) not only to the bullet symbol.
  7. Earthlight: Gazetteer creates double apostrophes when a possessive apostrophe is present in resolved expression.
  8. Earthlight: Added escaping in Query Builder for quotes in string values.
  9. Earthlight: SELECT * from SMJRNL_EARTHLIGHT_SESSIONS is perpetually being executed in PostgreSQL.
  10. Earthlight: It is possible to use Geocoding tool on a newly created layer taken from repository and not from map.
  11. Earthlight: Printed Legend – Glyph margin setting is propagated from the configuration window to the actual print.
  12. Earthlight: Apostrophes in search queries are now properly escaped in Find in Layer and Live Address Search.
  13. Earthlight: Ungeocoded records are correctly identified on layers with Filter Query set up.
  14. Earthlight: Invalid geometry (e.g.: self intersecting one) can be edited, fixed and saved correctly.
  15. Earthlight: Density Map calculation obeys a Filter Query.
  16. Earthlight: Dynamic Styling / Symbol rotation issue when single style is applied on the dataset.
  17. Earthlight: Map window unnecessarily responds to mouse wheel while Table tab is the active one.
  18. Earthlight: Range query band calculation now observes a Filter Query.
  19. Earthlight: Proportion’s base value is set to 1 by default to prevent division by 0 issue when calculating size.
  20. Earthlight: Fixed scale calculations when opening a saved session.
  21. Earthlight: Legend in prints now correctly observes glyph width for non-simple display queries.
  22. Earthlight: Legend in prints now correctly displays multiple symbols for GeometryCollection layers.
  23. Earthlight: A geometry collection view can now be referenced in From Existing Table tool with its geometry type and the type is propagated to layer reference.
  24. Earthlight: If symbol rotation column is set in Earthlight, Printed map legend will rotate symbols. It concerns both simple and complex display queries.

Version released 28/01/2015