Reshape tool

In order to utilise the Reshape tool please follow the steps below.

Slice geometry

  1. Select the correct layer to be edited.
  2. Go to the Edit tab.
  3. Select Mark & Move tool.
  4. Using this tool, choose the geometry you want to change.
  5. To start editing currently selected record, click Edit record.
  6. Click Reshape tool. It is important to start and finish your line outside the sliced polygon.
  7. Draw a line to slice a polygon.
  8. To finish drawing the line, simply click on the end of it or use right mouse button on the map and choose Finish from context menu (Tip: Please, notice that the Reshape tool was created to cut geometries with lines – that’s why if you don’t want to use context menu, you need to click on the last point of the line – similar to creating new line geometry. You can also double-click the node that you decide will be the end of your line.).
  9. Using the Mark & Move tool highlight the portion of the polygon that you either want to Delete or Shift.
  10. Once finished click Save to keep the new polygon or Cancel to dismiss all changes.

Moving part of geometry

  1. Using Mark & Move tool, click on the part you want to move (it should be highlighted in yellow).
  2. Choose Shift tool or click and drag it with the mouse to move it to a new location.
  3. Save changes.

Deleting part of geometry

  1. Using Mark & Move tool, click on the part you want to delete (it should be highlighted in yellow).
  2. Use Delete tool to mark the part for deletion.
  3. Save changes to delete selected part.

Adding new part to an existing geometry

Please follow the instruction of geometry slicing, but this time start and finish the Reshape line inside the edited polygon.

Cutting out holes

Sometimes there is a need to cut out a hole in existing geometry. To do this, follow the instructions below.

  1. Using Reshape tool draw a polygon which should be cut out.
  2. Make sure that the polygon you have just drawn is a closed geometry. There are two ways of creating closed geometry.
    1. You can do it manually by placing last node on the first one (zoom in the geometry to make it easier to do). Then right-click on the map and select Finish or just click the last node of your polygon – in that case FINISH tooltip should be shown. (This can however be rather tricky since the FINISH tooltip will be shown above the last node, similar to when you add new line geometry, and not the first one, as is the case with adding new polygon.
    2. The suggested way of closing Reshape line to form a polygon is by using context menu to do it. When you want to close your geometry, simply right-click anywhere on the map and choose Close.
  3. Finish drawing the polygon – as it’s described above (if it disappears, so it means that the polygon you created wasn’t correctly closed – in that case you need to try once more).
  4. Select inner polygon using Mark & Move tool.
  5. Delete it with Delete tool.
  6. Save changes.

Alternative way of cutting out holes in polygons is described here: Cutting out holes with Slice tool.