version 2013 R2

We are happy to announce the release of the latest iteration of StatMap Earthlight, StatMap Earthlight EVO and StatMap Aurora. Earthlight EVO is the name of the JavaScript version of Earthlight which is being intensely worked on. The deployment file will be made available shortly on our website. List of all changes introduced in this version can be found below.

New Features

  1. Earthlight: Added Editable column in Layer Properties/Schema which controls which fields are available for editing

    This gives great control over what is visible and editable. e.g.: If a record from the stg_ferry_box layer is inspected only “Code” and “Legend” fields are visible, check the screenshot below:

    When the same record is being edited, new field (Amended) is made editable, however the “Legend” field becomes read-only, see below:
  2. Earthlight: INSPIRE metadata updated using Geonetwork’s metadata validator
  3. Earthlight: Added graphical interface for Export INSPIRE Metadata tool
  4. Earthlight: Fill Geographic Metadata tool moved to Metadata section in Administration tab
  5. Aurora: Aurora preview is now always executed locally, unless Preview Address is specified
  6. Aurora: Aurora publishing snippets are always fetch from Earthlight server (although they contain valid reference to remote server as defined in Aurora Script Settings)
  7. Aurora: Expressions with http links now correctly escapes all token values belonging to the expression
  8. Earthlight: Added “Copy WMS URL” button to Manage WMS Servers editor
  9. Earthlight: Sessions now can save last viewport/scale

Minor changes

  1. Earthlight: Export INSPIRE Metadata is now reporting broken entries
  2. Earthlight: Mouse wheel disabled on Table tab to prevent unintentional changes of Map zoom
  3. Earthlight: Added confirmation dialog for Delete action in WMS Server editor
  4. Earthlight: Adding new polygons which leads to invalid polygons is now resolved to a single biggest valid polygon (rather than to a collection of polygons)
  5. Earthlight: If geometry is not updated during record update, from now on it won’t be validated or fixed
  6. Earthlight: Calculation of density maps now preserve Filter Query and can be limited to selection
  7. Earthlight: Tooltip errors are thrown only once now, so the map remains usable
  8. Earthlight: Changed invalid characters range to Windows’s one for File Explorer, error message shows invalid character after it is shown
  9. Earthlight: Improved speed of metadata updates and enabled error propagation
  10. Earthlight: en-US “Color” changed to en-UK “Colour” in the user interface
  11. Earthlight: Classify window for Ranges displays information about calculating statistics, OK button is disabled while the operation is in progress
  12. Earthlight: Increased precision in Range queries band editor
  13. Earthlight: Greater than or equal to symbol replaced in Ranges label formatting
  14. Earthlight: “Selected” changed to “Selectable” in Inspect pane
  15. Earthlight: Wording changed in Export INSPIRE and Fill Geographic Metadata dialogs


  1. Earthlight: Added compression to Shares command to support big share permissions trees
  2. Aurora: Result scroll bar is now correctly displayed in all the browsers
  3. Aurora: Menu panel is now collapsible
  4. Aurora: Fixed tooltip box – now X doesn’t hide itself
  5. Earthlight: Executing Inspect when no map is open causes “Object reference not set to an instance of an object” exception to occur
  6. Earthlight: Spelling of “Analyze” tab changed back to en-UK “Analyse”
  7. Earthlight: WMS Server manifest editor now reloads a map layers correctly after the map has been changed
  8. Earthlight: Fixed layer referencing timeouts caused by scanning raster .Tiles directories
  9. Aurora: Fixed Select Location task re: custom location propagation
  10. Earthlight: Fixed Copy/Move/Delete Selected Records which caused exception when switching maps
  11. Earthlight: Fixed MultiLine and Polygon ESRI Shapefile handlers to accept broken rings and linestrings
  12. Earthlight: Restored original Instant search postcode behaviour and fixed ampersand escape problem
  13. Aurora: Stopped a map from ”sticking” to cursor after scrolling inspect box (BrowserStack, Win7+IE11)
  14. Aurora: Moved closing cross CSS and updated references
  15. Aurora: Hiding layers via URL parameters did not update legend visibility checkbox state
  16. Aurora: Select Location task can now output point geometry which can be stored in a layer (just like Capture Geometry task)
  17. Aurora: Fixed SVG exceptions caused by propagating gesture events to SVG canvas
  18. Earthlight: Fixed inspecting layers with brackets in titles
  19. Earthlight: Fixed Round interval classification of negative ranges
  20. Earthlight: Fixed user interface behaviour when calculating range statistics
  21. Earthlight: Querying WMS with PNG format returned PNG file with a wrong JPEG mime type
  22. Aurora: Select By Layer task now remembers buffer value upon re-opening the task properties
  23. Earthlight: Fixed resetting Angle column property in Dynamic Styling tab