version 13.11

New Features

  1. Raster Loader

    • parallel processing of source images
    • level 1 skipping when the difference between level 0 and 1 is less than 10%

    • NTFS friendly folder structure

  2. Web Map Service (WMS) server

  3. Isochrones

  4. Spatial Merge

  5. Export metadata to INSPIRE compliant xml

  6. Individual tools for Export general metadata to CSV and Export INSPIRE metadata to xml

  7. SQLite-based geocoding and address search

  8. [DISTANCE] now support explicit units and precision – [DISTANCE(units,precision)]

    You can configure whether the distance units will be abbreviated or written in full. If you want the distance units to be written in full please enter full unit’s name (i.e.: metres, kilometres, feet, yards, miles) as the units’ parameter.

  9. Address counter data can now be limited to a certain timespan

  10. Added security check to prevent accidental overwriting of an existing raster layer by a Density Map layer

  11. Last edit section of the general metadata is now auto-updated after changes in layer

  12. Aurora: Added support for multiple records in SelectLocationTask

  13. Added information that Grid layers, Group layers and Maps don’t carry metadata information

  14. Cluster: Added support for "Find" button in ExactAddressRun task

  15. Separate reference button for WMS layers


  1. Earthlight: Added Tag support for InspectTable URL parameters
  2. Earthlight: Removed background row colour for unselected items in shares
  3. Earthlight: DateTime columns sorting changed to: order by YEAR->MONTH->DAY->HOUR
  4. Earthlight: Copy all to clipboard button for Routing
  5. Earthlight: Forcing SRID to 27700 when -1 in the Import Layer Panel
  6. Earthlight: Gazetteer SQLite cashing speed increased
  7. Watcher: Dataset is now removed from folderSnapshot control file if !ERROR_ file exists to prevent inability of Watcher to import datasets when communication with the database was the reason behind the !ERROR_ file
  8. Courier: Message box shown when SpaceMap table cannot be dropped because it is being locked by another process
  9. Courier: Problems with XML parsing are now reported
  10. Administrator privileges required to run Courier
  11. DataPump: Added error message when table name in the script <Destination> section is equal to STATMAP_REPOSITORY to prevent accidental overwriting of the StatMap_Repository control table.
  12. Earthlight: Removed users with empty names from ActiveDirectory dialog


  1. Earthlight: Fixed drilling down from URL parameters on non-existing query results
  2. Earthlight: Fixed raster drawing errors when a single tile was massively enlarged within the view
  3. Earthlight: Fixed Copy and Move selected records throwing exception
  4. Aurora: Fixed text selection exception in IE8
  5. Courier: PostgreSQL password passed from UI to project settings
  6. Aurora: Fixed selection in the address box (select on focus + manual selection)
  7. JobCenter: Improved performance of export limited to selection
  8. JobCenter: Fixed DXF export in order to support MultiStyle geometries
  9. Earthlight: Fixed Select on Text annotation throwing an exception
  10. Earthlight: Fixed Date conversion for exporting CSV
  11. Earthlight: Fixed stored procedure "Update"
  12. Aurora: zoomToAllResults works now correctly for empty results
  13. Aurora: Pushpin changes location after changing an address in the address search box
  14. Earthlight: Fixed security breach in Find in layer and Find nearest
  15. Earthlight: Fixed raster layer referencing
  16. Earthlight: Fixed Density Map issue with layers which were taller than wider
  17. Earthlight: Fixed final two warnings in Find dialogs
  18. Aurora: Fixed hyperlinks on inspect box (they were not open on left click)
  19. RasterLoader: Removed colour banding on level 0
  20. Cluster: Fixed <B> tags in input control
  21. Aurora: Fixed dragging scrollbar on a long inspection box which also did drag an underneath map
  22. Aurora: Fixed image positioning (refreshing) in FireFox
  23. Aurora: Stopped mouse wheel propagation on Inspect box in FireFox
  24. Aurora: Fixed layer headers spacing in Inspect box
  25. Aurora: Fixed mouse wheel support on scrollable inspect box
  26. Earthlight: Fixed adding new text column in PostgreSQL
  27. Earthlight: Default style for Range bands which in case of linestring layers was set to polygons instead of lines
  28. Earthlight: Unit conversion from square feet to acres fixed
  29. Earthlight: Annotation style gallery now ignores folders and is scrollable
  30. Aurora/Earthlight: Fixed address count reporting
  31. Earthlight: Stopped double-click propagation causing exception when adding images to page layouts
  32. Earthlight: Printed Legend now correctly calculates column width and count
  33. Earthlight: WMS Client zoom in implemented
  34. Earthlight: NaturalBreaks classification method in Ranges takes now max 1000 samples to avoid timeout during calculations