This can be used to copy an existing geometry to either the same layer or a different layer. If it is copied into a different layer, then the field names and geometry type must match. E.g.: a draft TPO (tree preservation order) can be copied and added to the Confirmed TPO layer. Copy Selected Records window consists of 3 sections:

  1. This section also allows you to select from which layers records should be copied.
  2. Here you can select whether selected records should be copied to newly-created or pre-existing map layer.
  3. The last section allows you to enlarge copied geometries by buffer (in metres).

How to use Copy tool

Here is a list of all steps which are required to copy selected records:

  1. Select desired records by using tools from Select Tab.
  2. When records are selected click Copy tool.
  3. Configure the settings for Copy operation:

    A. Select from which layers records should be copied (checkbox)

    B. Decide whether you want to copy selected records to pre-existing map layer or newly-created layer. In case of Newly-created layer click Browse button to set a location and name for new layer.

    C. Decide if you want to enlarge copied records by a buffer.

  4. Click OK to start the operation.