User Interface

  1. List of Tabs
    Earthlight presents different pieces of functionality on different screens which can be accessed via the list of tabs at the top of the screen.
  2. Tool Bar
    The Earthlight tool bar gathers the most common tasks likely to be performed in one place. Each Earthlight user will have access to individual set of tools, dependent upon permissions. The tool bar is similar to the Ribbon Control used in the Office 2007 suite.
  3. Key (Legend)
    The key is a “tree view” of the layers and queries that are shown in the current map. Styling, labels, etc. are also controlled from here under the properties of each layer.
  4. Map Area
    This is where the current map is shown. The compass can be used to help zoom in, out or move around. Alternatively the mouse wheel can zoom in and out, and by holding the left mouse button down the map will also be moved around the screen.
  5. Inspector
    This area is used to inspect the properties of features on the map. For example, using the Inspect command you can click on a Topographic Area (a MasterMap layer) feature and view its properties such as its feature code.
  6. Status Bar
    This contains useful commands and properties for the map such as the current map sheet reference.