version 13.06

Please find below list of all the new features that will be introduced in the latest version of StatMap Earthlight / Aurora suite.

Some of the features introduced in this version are in a BETA stage of development so please use them with caution. All BETA features are clearly marked in the document below.

New Features

  1. Added support for polygon flat fill transparency. Compared to standard transparency fill – with flat fill transparency there is no colour aggregation where polygons overlap. It should be very useful for planning applications, where too many applications in the same location may obstruct the underlying basemaps.

    without flat-fill transparency

    with flat-fill transparency
  2. Mixed type geometries can now be saved into a single Shapefile. Simple features are wrapped into Multi feature containers if mixed type found in the table. It works for GeometryType to MULTIGeometryType scenario where GeometryType is one of the following: Point, LineString, Polygon.
  3. Added support for offsetting patterns horizontally in line styles. This feature enables you to create more complex linestyles.
  4. Hyperlink expression name added as a descriptor to the hyperlink label
  5. Hyperlink Display Expression can be used instead of the name of the hyperlink as a descriptor
  6. Hyperlinks can be added directly in main Inspection window via Key Expression (enter Hyperlink expression name in square brackets in the expression field, e.g.: [Document] )
  7. User and Password textboxes enlarged to 100px to accommodate longer user names / passwords
  8. All labels on the top bar (login, pass, change password) respecting GUS Branding foreground colour instead of being white by default. This should be especially useful if you want to have a white or close to white background and that made the white texts unreadable.
  9. File Explorer window enlarged
  10. Increased geocoding speed – 900 records per second compared to the 25-30 records in previous version
  11. Added updating geocoded layers with data from gazetteer (like UPRNs)
  12. Added ability to geocode records without postcode
  13. Added RegEx filtering to geocoding engine
  14. Changed date/time formatting in Table tab to more natural (dd/MM/yyyy)
  15. Parsing Date values in expressions changed from ISO compliant (yyyy-MM-dd) to more natural (dd/MM/yyyy)
  16. Implemented Spatial Merge tool – BETA version
  17. Implemented Aoristic Chart – BETA version
  18. DataBroker – Elevated initialization reporting to WARNING level. Required to enable reporting of DataBroker initialization in the logs when reporting level set to WARN.
  19. Added table name validation in Add Column dialog
  20. Implemented support for SQLite databases
  21. SQLite specific words added to ReservedKeywords. ReservedKeywords is a list of words that cannot be used as table names in any of the databases. To ensure interoperability there is a single list which includes keywords from all databases supported by Earthlight.
  22. Added table name validation in Add Column dialog. When a user defines the name of a new column Earthlight enforces database column name rules (no whitespaces, no numbers at the beginning, etc.)
  23. MapServer version updated from 5.6.5 to 6.2.0
  24. Added "List maps from all map directories" option to Global User Settings. This option enables the Map drop down to have sections with maps from all map folders which a user has access to via different levels of inheritable user settings (global, group, user).
  25. Added support for multiple default map directories separated by semicolon. Multiple map directories can be entered into Default Map Directory field in Inheritable User Settings
  26. Added "Always go to the last save viewport" to Global User Settings. This option changes the default behaviour where once a viewport was established, changing maps did not made any changes to the viewport.
  27. Added support for updating tables/views via stored procedures – BETA version (Vector Layer Properties / Advanced / Change modification … button only visible for users with Corporate Administrator permission)

  28. Added passive watcher to SQL Server and PostgreSQL.
  29. Added double click support in Expression Editor. You can now double-click on the name of the column to add it to the expression.
  30. Visibility of Layer Properties Advanced tab is now controlled by its permission
  31. Added automatic fix of self-intersecting polygons after tracing
  32. Geometry is now validated during update operation only when it has been edited
  33. Added thread suspension if Abort is not possible
  34. CopyLayerProperties enhanced to include Hyperlinks
  35. Removed generating random/hashed large numbers as primary keys. Primary key (MI_PRINX) values are now incremental, start with 1 for new tables and maxValue + 1 for existing tables.
  36. Wording changed in "File too big to be imported" message to give more meaningful information what should be done when this occurs
  37. Removed screenshots from incident reports
  38. Added Cluster preview. It is required to click on the workflow responsible for creating Cluster page to bring it into focus and then clicking Preview button on Aurora Creator tab
  39. Added Aurora preview delay to wait for cross-server synchronization
  40. Cluster: Added Width/Height parameters to Map run
  41. Cluster: Added automatic substitution of service addresses between Cluster and Aurora
  42. DataPump Watcher can now upload data into SQLite database
  43. Error message logged when DataPump Watcher is unable to gain exclusive access to a file
  44. Cluster: default CSS button in Create Cluster Page Task
  45. Added limit for image size in single style. Maximum size for a point style is now set at 1000 units.


  1. Earthlight: Fixed geocoding UI and Index out of bounds error
  2. Earthlight: Geocode counters are now correctly incremented and displayed
  3. Earthlight: Fixed geocoding custom addresses (not perfect matches) which were ignored
  4. Earthlight: Added proper line offsetting (for linestrings and polygon rings).
  5. Earthlight: Fixed/added offsetting line markers
  6. Earthlight: Fixed offset direction in polygon holes
  7. Earthlight: Fixed drawing of dashed lines
  8. Earthlight: Added geometry offset and fixed drawing quality of composite lines (they were always rendered using draft quality)
  9. Aurora: Order of HTML address and anchor in Inspect expression is now irrelevant
  10. Aurora: Exiting workflows triggered via URL WorkflowID parameter caused an issue being thrown
  11. Aurora: Never-ending "waiting bullets" when user clicked X or back with Find Nearest/Drill down queries
  12. Cluster: default.css updated to show Data run footer and section
  13. Cluster: Titles added to run editors
  14. Earthlight: LayerDropDownSelector’s height increased to 20px. In some dialog windows the drop down box responsible for picking out a layer was significantly smaller when no element was chosen. This meant that once an element was chosen, the whole layout was changed to account for the change in the height of this element
  15. Message reworded for when Table is unable to create columns. Current message makes it easier to understand what happened in those cases when Table tab cannot display the column name due to its incompatibility with naming rules.
  16. Replaced "Sibling Layers Visibility" context menu. The menu shown when the downward arrow is pressed in Active Layer element is now easier to close.
  17. Fixed issue with NumericPrecision incorrectly set to null regardless of the actual value
  18. Fixed printing zero-width borders and fills in Page Layout labels
  19. Fixed high-CPU utlization in PreviewBox class
  20. Fixed resolution of [DISTANCE] field in Cluster
  21. Fixed Key Expression fields order when displaying Address Search results. Previously postcode was always displayed at the end.
  22. Fixed Filter query problem with primary keys. Solves the issue when combining Filter Query with Thematic Mapping (any complex Display Query) resulted in no records being rendered.
  23. Fixed rendering of empty (null) labels
  24. Added rendering multiple types of geometries within a single record. Solves the problem with multi geometry records not rendering when layer geometry type set to Geometry Collection.
  25. Fixed rendering of solid lines for MasterMap
  26. Cluster: Fixed malformed <div /> in JavaScript snippet
  27. Cluster: Added footer to exact data run
  28. Cluster: Fixed ghostly IFRAME in IE
  29. Cluster: Removed HTTP escapes which made Bin styling impossible
  30. Cluster: CreateClusterPage editor fix – for removed layers
  31. Cluster: Fixed height of embedded map
  32. Applied Filter query to Find In Layer and Find Nearest
  33. Cluster: Added Section/Header labels above Map run
  34. Automatic switch point from feet to miles changed to 5280 feet
  35. Cluster: default.css amended to fix IE8 issue with positioning images and text in the same line
  36. Fixed Firestarter with server profiles