Select Location

This task can be used to find a record by specified database field or pushpin location. In the task properties you can set various settings for the task.

In the task properties you can configure 10 options:

  1. Name will be shown in the Aurora Result pane when the Select Location task is used.
  2. Description is an additional text which will be also displayed in the Aurora Result pane when the Select Location task is used.
  3. Callout expression pops up in the selected record’s location. Clicking the callout text triggers next task in the workflow. Select Location task stores data about selected record. You can use these data in other fields (for instance in Save record task) by calling out desired columns from this layer.
  4. If Clear existing location box is checked it will always remove an existing pushpin from the map when the Select Location workflow is executed.
  5. When the Require location reselection option is checked it prevents displaying of the callout expression in the location where pushpin was placed (before the Select Location workflow was used). To show the expression a user will have to move the pushpin at least one time.
  6. Limit to layer option allows to set a specific layer which will be queried when the Select location task is used.
  7. Clicking the Clear button will reset Limit to layer setting.
  8. Key column allows to set which column from specified layer will be scanned in search of value entered in the Find field.
  9. If the Jump to nearest record option is checked it will always jump to the nearest record from the selected layer whenever a user moves the pushpin. In case of a polygon it will jump to the geometry centroid.
  10. If the Allow custom location option is checked it allows to place the pushpin in any location.