Fetch Result Set

This task is mandatory for most of other tasks. Its job is to fetch specified result set. In the task bar you can set which result set should be fetched by the task. Selection is a default value.

Fetch Result Set task is responsible for fetching results from other tasks. You have to add additional tasks to the same workflow to prepare and correctly display the fetched results. Please add:

  • Clear Result Set (required) – to clear any previously found results from the result pane,
  • Example task (example) – this task will prepare results which Fetch Result Set task should bring,
  • Show result pane (required) – this task is needed to display the results of using the Example task.

This is how a ready to use workflow with Fetch Result Set task included can look:

In this case Fetch Result Set will bring all records found by Find Nearest task and then Show Result Pane task will display them in the result pane.