Find by Layer

This task works similarly to Earthlight’s Select by Layers tool (Select tab). It allows you to find records from specified layer(s) by spatially comparing them to records from other layers. In the task properties you can set various comparing methods as well as add a buffer or set calculations precision.

In the task properties you can configure 7 options:

  1. Here you can specify what type of records you wish to select.
  2. From which layer(s) you wish to select records.
  3. Specify how the records should be compared to a different layer
  4. Set what is the second layer (used for comparison).
  5. Specify if the records (from the section number 4) should be limited to any result set (inspection,selection,A,B,C,D… etc.)
  6. Do you wish to artificially increase area of the records (from the section number 4) by adding a buffer? How big the buffer should be?
  7. Specify how precise calculations should be.

In the task bar itself you can configure what you wish to do with the results of the Find by Layer task.

Find by layer task is responsible for preparing results of the query. You have to add additional tasks to the same workflow to correctly display the query results. Please add:

  • Clear Result Set (required) – to clear any previously found results from result pane,
  • Fetch all records (required)- This task is responsible for fetching the selected result set so it can be displayed in the Aurora result pane,
  • Show result pane (required) – this task is needed to display the results of using the Find by Layer task.

This is how a ready to use basic Find by Layer workflow should look: