Find by Query

This task is responsible for finding records specified by a query.

Query builder window explained:

  1. Allows you to set from which layer you want to select record(s) by query.
  2. In this section you can see  and configure the query.
  3. You can use these operators to build a query. Simply place a cursor in Where: section and click on the operator button to add it to the query.
  4. This field contains list of all columns from chosen layer (section 1). You can select a column and click Add button below to add the column to the query. You can also get all unique values from the column. To do so, please select a column and click Get Unique Values button. The values will be displayed in section 5.
  5. This section shows all unique values (you need to select a column from the list in the Fields: section and click Get Unique Values button.
  6. When the query is ready and you wish to check if the syntax is correct, click Verify button.

In the task bar itself you can configure what you wish to do with the results of the Find by Query task.

Find by Query task is responsible for preparing results of the query. You have to add additional tasks to the same workflow to correctly display the query results. Please add:

  • Clear Result Set (required) – to clear any previously found results from the result pane,
  • Fetch Result Set (required) – This task is responsible for fetching the selected result set so it can be displayed in the Aurora result pane. Please remember that Fetch Result Set task and Find by Query task must be directed to the same Result Set to display the query results.
  • Show Result pane (required)- this task is needed to display the results of using the Find by Query task.

This is how a ready to use basic Find by Query workflow should look: