Drill Down Through Layers

This task allows you to configure which layers will be inspected in push pin location when it’s executed. You can choose layers that will take part in this query. In addition you can enlarge geometries by buffers. The buffers size are set globally for respective geometry types.

  1. To include a layer in the drill-down operation, please tick the checkbox next to its name,
  2. Buffer enlarges the area searched by query for records in the selected layer(s). You can specify the buffer size separately for each geometry type.

Drill Down Through Layers task is responsible for preparing results of the query. You have to add additional tasks to the same workflow to correctly display the query results. Please add:

  • Clear Result Set (required) – to clear any previously found results from the result pane,
  • Change Layer Visibility (optional)- you can use this task to make any layer visible while using the Drill Down Through Layers task. For more information please visit: Change Layer Visibility
  • Fetch all records (required) – this task is responsible for fetching the selected result set. It can be displayed later in the Aurora result pane,
  • Show result pane (required) – this task is needed to display the results of using the Drill Down Through Layers task.

This is how a ready to use basic Drill Down Through Layers workflow should look: