Rasterized vector maps

Ordnance Survey raster layers are best example of rasterized vector maps. This data is well suited for conversion to PNG.

To convert Ordnance Survey raster layers into pyramid, you need to follow the steps below:

  1. Set pyramid type to SMPyramid.
  2. Here you can change Number of CPU threads to use. If the operation is being performed on the application server, we recommend to use single thread.
  3. Click Browse… to specify where your pyramid should be created. The best solution is to point to EarthlightData \ Raster Repository directory (when you create it in a different place, you will need to move pyramid files manually into Raster Repository folder).
  4. Add your raster images clicking Add… (remember to include geolocation files).
  5. Check if the files were correctly geolocated.
  6. Set the output format to PNG.
  7. Start the processing and wait for the pyramid to be finished.