Getting Started

Earthlight is accessed via a browser just like a normal Web page. Your administrator will provide you with a URL (Web address) to use. You can store this in your browser’s favourites list for future reference. Earthlight works with both Windows and Apple operating systems. In Windows, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox browsers are supported. In Apple OS X Firefox and Safari are supported.

When Earthlight is first loaded most of the screen is greyed out except for the login bar at the top. Maps and other resources are fully protected by the Earthlight security system. This means that only authorised personnel can access the system. In addition, resources within Earthlight can be protected so that maps and layers can be restricted to certain users or groups only and some of those users in turn can be restricted from editing the data. This security model is managed by the administrator. Your administrator will be able to provide you with a user name and password to use.


To start using Earthlight enter your log in details into the log in bar and select “Login”.