Script Settings

Please remember that any changes made to the script must be saved before they will be available for external users in served script.

General Tab

In this tab you can configure most important settings for the Aurora script.

Aurora Script Settings example window

  1. Shows which map is currently set for the script.
  2. Shows which print layout is currently set for the prints created via Print button in Aurora.
  3. Sets text which will be displayed in the Aurora main window.
  4. Sets additional text which will be displayed in the Aurora main window.
  5. Application ID is required for the Aurora embedding snippet script in the Publish function. It should start with a letter, only A-Z 0-9 characters and no spaces are allowed.For more information about Publish please visit: Publish tool
  6. User name will be automatically used for Aurora when accessing Earthlight security system.
  7. Permissions and Shares for the user should be configured so that it can display the map correctly.
    Please note that you should grant at least read only access to all layers from Map to specified Aurora user.
    Aurora user should have no password (empty password).

  8. When this box is checked – Earthlight will count how many times users have used Aurora location bar to look for an address. Results can be checked by using Address Search Counter tool. For more information please visit: (link to Address Search Counter tool)

Logo Tab

In this tab you can set a logo which will be displayed in the top-left corner of the Aurora window. Please click Load button to select a location of the image or Clear button to clear the logo.

Watermark and Layout

Here you can set a watermark which will be displayed in the Aurora map window background. You can also configure visibility of the additional layout elements.

  1. Shows the watermark preview.
  2. Click here if you want to select the location of watermark image.
  3. Clears the watermark settings.
  4. Configures the watermark opacity.
  5. Sets which Section will be indexed by default in the Aurora window.
  6. Controls visibility of the menu pane.
  7. Controls visibility of the Location bar.
  8. Controls visibility of the Print button.
  9. Controls visibility of the Link button.

Inspect Queries

Configuring Inspect queries is necessary if you want to use inspect_query and inspect_value Aurora start parameters.

For a step by step guide of how to set Aurora inspect queries please visit: Aurora Inspect Query. If you require more information on how to launch Aurora with start parameters please visit: Aurora start parameters.

  1. Name – this is a name of the Inspect Query. It will be used as one of the Aurora start parameters.
  2. Layer – here you can select which layer will be queried.
  3. Column – in this filed you can select which column from the selected Layer will be queried.

Http Addresses

There are 2 fields in this tab.


  1. Aurora Service Address must be set if you want to serve Aurora script to external users.
  2. In this field you can set a new Preview Address (you can leave it empty to set a default Preview Address). This setting will change the Aurora stand-alone web address. You can always check the current preview address in the Publish tool.


Labels are additional texts displayed in Aurora interface. Description of all labels can be found below.

CloseWorkflow – this label will be displayed in the top-right corner of the workflow. Clicking the label will close the workflow and show the default menu pane.

PushpinInfo – this label will be displayed next to the pushpin in the Aurora window.

ZoomToAllResults – this label will be displayed in the top-left corner of the workflow. Clicking the label will set viewport so it will show all results returned by workflow at once.