Cluster is a unique web-based solution for delivering spatially-enabled data straight to your website. Thanks to Cluster you can forget about lengthy publishing processes or manual synchronization between your spatial resources and Content Management System. Cluster is a fast and stress-free tool, which allows you to effectively communicate the most important facts straight from your Spatial Data Warehouse to your target audience in a useful, attractive yet simple way.

All data on a single page

Cluster allows to extract spatially enabled data in an aggregated, easy to comprehend form. Cluster end users are usually presented with a simple, single-page report which summarizes vast amount of business knowledge within a single second.

Rich formatting features

Cluster gives you the power to precisely control data presentation. You can add custom headers, create hyperlinks and embed data-specific images. You can also display distances to affected records in imperial and SI units.

Seamless integration

Being a frame-free, cross-domain application, Cluster results can be directly embedded within CMS of your choice. This ensure a unified browsing experience for your users and provide confidence since they are not redirected to different, GIS-specific domains when browsing your website.

Your data – everywhere

Cluster is completely plug-in free, HTML5-compatible implementation with wide support for older browsers. Cluster does not use Flash or Silverlight technologies which means that it can be easily used by vast majority of web-enabled devices from desktop PCs, through tablets, ending on mobile phones. It is also compatible with but do NOT require HTML5 browsers. Therefore your data can be accessible by cutting-edge browser users as well as more classical web viewing software.

100% Cookie free

Cluster never uses cookies or any other user tracking mechanism, which means that it is fully compliant with UK privacy policies. Using Cluster application is completely transparent for end-user machines and absolutely no information is left behind or stored by Cluster servers against the user identity.

Ultimate data control

It is easy to precisely define not only which layers will be available to the users but also which fields and in which order will be exposed to the outside world. Moreover you can fine tune number of records returned or even set buffer for drill-down queries individually for every layer. Supporting complex, multi-step queries makes Cluster a full-featured data mining application, which allows you to deliver all relevant data in an instant.

Instant gazetteer search

This innovative feature not only displays relevant addresses as you type but also gives you the freedom in providing address details. You can type in a partial postcode, name or house number, street name or locality in any order, and every single press is zeroing on desired property.
By default Cluster can upload and use gazetteers from CSV files in DTF format (both full supplies and change only updates are supported), but you can use any layer as the gazetteer. In addition, various Cluster pages can use different gazetteers.

Different views for different people

Cluster just like Aurora allows you to create as many spatially-enriched pages as you want. From generic overview pages of nearest amenities, through personalized refuse collection calendars to ad-hoc created pages with last-minute gritting information. Cluster extracts and delivers precisely tailored pieces of information from your Spatial Data Warehouse to different group of people. No need to settle for mass-produced mash if you can empower your clients with made-to-order reports.

No coding required

With Cluster you can forget all ICT buzzwords: JS, AJAX, HTML5… Every Cluster page can be customized directly from the administration panel and easy user interface makes adding or altering published information a breeze. All your changes can be instantly visible and there is no manual and mundane publishing process.

Bonus feature: Spatially-enabled web services

In addition to the end user pages, Cluster give your Web developers the power of embedding spatially-enabled data into your own, bespoke solutions. By exposing standardized GeoJSON cross-domain Web services, you can create innovative, tailored solutions with no extra cost. The native Cluster engine can be accessed through simple, secure yet feature-rich API and all results are returned in ready-to-consume JavaScript format.