Theme Editor

Theme Editor is a simple tool which allows to customize the look of Aurora application. It contains ten tabs of editing options:

1. Instant Header

This tab allows you to control the colour of Aurora background as well as customize the fonts used to display Application Name and Description (the text itself is configured in Script Settings/General tab).

2. Sections

Section tab is responsible for the size and colour of the Section button and customization of the font used for the Section title.

3. Categories

Categories tab controls similar elements to the Sections tab only on the Category level. In addition you can control the category’s background colour.

4. Tasks

Here you can customize the font of tasks titles. It also controls the minimal height of a single entry in the list of tasks. If the title of the task is to long to fit on a single line and has to be wrapped then the line height will be automatically adjusted.

5. Results

This tab controls the name, size and colour of font used to present results from different queries in the result panel on the left.

6. Buttons

Buttons tab controls colours and fonts of all buttons available in Aurora as well as colour of icons. Icons will have the same colour as the texts on the buttons.

7. Inspection box

Inspection Box is the popup that shows when you click on the map and information from any of the layers is available in this location. This tab allows you to control the colouring and fonts for all elements of this box.

8. Inspection Box Bullets

This tab allows to set images for bullets in the inspection box. To load the image please click Load… button and select the image location.

To display the bullets while inspecting a layer you have to edit the layer expressions. Please go to Map tab and open layer properties. In this example I will edit expressions for the post offices layer.

Now please go to Expressions tab and edit Inspect section:

Now you have to create an unordered list of the items by using HTML tags:

We have listed the [Address], [Postcode] and [Telephone] columns so from now on a bullet image will be added next to the results displayed in the Aurora inspection box (for the listed columns).After making the changes please save the map and the Aurora script.

9. Form TOC

This tab allows to configure the style of text displayed while using Show Form workflow in Aurora.

10. Viewfinder Icon

On this tab you can change the default pushpin icon. Please remember that if you upload a custom icon to be used as a viewfinder you also have to configure the Hot spot’s X and Y. The Hot spot is a point that will be the actual active point of the icon. In every aspect it is just like an active point of the mouse cursor.