Defining content of task results/inspection tool

When using Aurora inspect tool or browsing results from Find nearest workflow you may notice that not all or too much information is provided to the user. This can be rectified by setting layer expressions, specifically Detail expression. Detail expression defines what information and in what order will be presented to the Aurora user.

    To alter Detail expression of a specific layer:

  1. Open a map associated with Aurora (Map/Open)
  2. Open desired layer properties dialog
  3. Alter Expressions/Detail expression
  4. Save the map (Map/Save)
  5. Save the script (Aurora Creator/Save)

[DISTANCE] field

You can also enrich your results with distance reference. Distance reference is meta field which you may type manually in Expressions/Detail expression box. It affects displayed results in two ways, i.e.:

  1. It show the distance to a record using both metric/imperial metrics
  2. It changes the order of results from alphabetical order to distance order