Aurora start parameters

Aurora can be fed a set of URL parameters to automatically display a set point on map and execute Inspect query in this point.
List of available parameters:


x easting of the centre of the displayed map
y northing of the centre of the displayed map
scale scale of the displayed map
drill_down execute Inspect tool at the script centre. drill_down has only one value drill_down=true (this parameter can be omitted if no Inspect tool execution is required).
inspect_query name of the query defined in Aurora Script Settings/Inspect Queries
inspect_value value to be looked for in Inspect Layer/Column
show_layers comma-separated list of layer tags, which will be made visible once the script is loaded. This setting effectively overrides script defaults.
hide_layers comma-separated list of layer tags, which will be hidden once the script is loaded. This setting effectively overrides script defaults.
backdrop a layer tag, which will be used as backdrop once script is loaded. This setting works like show_layers combined with hide_layers i.e.:
* desired layer is made visible,
* all other backdrop layers are hidden.
workflow_id an element id of a workflow which will be automatically started once the script is loaded.
show_viewfinder place Viewfinder icon in the center of the map window. show_viewfinder has only one value show_viewfinder=true (this parameter can be omitted if no Viewfinder icon is required).
mobile execute Aurora with touch friendly interface. mobile has only one value mobile=true (this parameter can be omitted if standard, mouse friendly Aurora is required).
  • to start Aurora with a set of parameters enter your default Aurora URL address followed by question mark (?) and the set of parameters, e.g.:
  • each parameter name has to be followed by an equals sign (=) and its value, e.g. drill_down=true
  • parameters are separated with an ampersand (&), e.g. drill_down=true&inspect_query=test&inspect_value=123
all whitespaces in any of the parameters value have to be encoded i.e. replaced with %20 entries, e.g. My Value –> My%20Value
There are two ways of setting map’s viewpoint:
– using easting and northing set of parameters (much like Go To Coords tool)
– using inspect_query/inspect_value set of parameters (much like Find In Layer tool)

Overriding layer visibility via show_layers, hide_layers and backdrop

By default Aurora will show all layers which are set to be visible in a map associated with the script. However there are two additional places which can override layer visibility i.e.:

  • Initial Layer Visibility which can be found in Aurora Creator tab, in Modify group. Use this option if you want to ensure that some layers are hidden or visible independently from map settings.
  • URL parameters, i.e. show_layers, hide_layers and backdrop. All layers are references via theirs tags which can be set in Layer Properties / General tab:

Opening map at the location based on a column value from a specified layer

In some cases it might be convenient to open a map at desired location based on a location of the record which has a specific attribute. For instance it is a common scenario when the map is open at the specific address identified by its UPRN. First it is necessary to specify which layer and which column should be inspected. This can be done only via Aurora Creator in Script Settings dialog/Inspect Queries tab. Due to security reasons it is not possible to pass layer and column via URL parameters.Once the script is saved it is now possible to open a map at desired location e.g. Parish identified by Parish code by specifying additional URL parameter inspect_query=query1 and inspect_value=ROTHWELL. It is also possible to automatically execute inspection at the final location by combining inspect_query/inspect_value with drill_down para-meter, e.g. inspect_query=query1&inspect_value=ROTHWELL&drill_down=true.