Build network from ITN

  1. First of all, launch StatMap Courier and on Choose uploading task screen select Perform maintenance task and choose Build network from ITN data from drop-down menu.
  2. Next Add Directory/Add files on Select source files or directories window.
  3. Choose database type (please note that ITN is stored in your spatial database so choose between SQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL options).
  4. Specify database connection details of chosen server (verify with Test Connection).
  5. Enter Network and Attribute table name. (Network, Network_Attributes)
  6. Build network dataset.
  7. As you see Summary window, you can see that All selected tasks have been completed successfully, you can close StatMap Courier.
  8. Launch StatMap Earthlight, when application is ready go to Administration tab and click From Existing Table on Create section.
  9. Add Layer References window will pop up. You have to select Main Repository, tables (Network and Network_Attributes) and destination directory.
    Then click on Create network layer reference.
  10. At the end go to Administration tab and click Modify on Layers section. On popup Modify Layer window choose Network table name (Network).
  11. On Vector Layer Properties go to Speed Limits tab and select CLASSIFICATION from Road category column.
  12. Then go to Network tab and type Attributes table name (Network_Attributes) in Constraint table name box.
  13. Well done. New table is ready to be added via Add > Add existing layer…
    Remember that you have to add only Network table.