StatMap Courier is the unique MasterMap loader on the market. It uses a proprietary spatial format called SpaceMap. Thanks to our parsing technology it’s almost an order of magnitude faster than other products currently available on the market.
It’s also easy to use as it has been designed especially for OS MasterMap therefore you don’t have to waste time on providing lots of detailed settings just to make it compatible with the MasterMap format – a common case with generic GML loaders.
StatMap Courier is specialised software which combines a sophisticated processing engine, business knowledge of OS products and a clean and simple user interface. In fact you can upload MasterMap tiles with 3 simple and fast steps:

  1. specify the destination details,
  2. select the folder containing the MasterMap files (.gml or .gz files),
  3. choose the desired action (initial upload, Change Only Updates, etc.).
  • Always enjoy a full-featured version
    You do not have to pay extra for uploading large quantities of OS data because we do not believe in releasing artificially throttled, feature-crippled versions of our applications. Instead we give give you a single, best-of-breed, quality product for all your needs. Needless to say handling all vector MasterMap layers and Change Only Updates comes as a standard.
  • Rest assured that your loader is up to date
    Since StatMap Courier was designed specifically for MasterMap we are constantly improving and upgrading it as necessary. You can enjoy the peace of mind regarding maintaining your MasterMap data, since any necessary extensions or modifications in your MasterMap dataset will be supported by StatMap Courier within a short period of time. You’ll received an updated version of StatMap Courier as a part of your yearly subscription at no extra cost.

Earthlight + Courier are the perfect choice whenever you need an instant, stress-free online GIS. This well-tailored, cost-effective bundle is an out-of-the-box solution for delivering highly-interactive editable online access to your spatial services based on Ordnance Survey MasterMap.