We advise creating a Scheduled Task that will execute Data Pump Hyperlinking mode every night.

Data Pump Hyperlinking is responsible for fetching data from local and network drives for Earthlight’s hyperlinking functionality.
To use this feature you have to execute Data Pump with /h parameter.

c:\inetpub\wwwroot\map\Tools\DataPump\Datapump.exe /h
Please note:
Administrator privileges are required to execute Data Pump in Hyperlinking mode.
This means that in Task Scheduler the task must have Run with highest privileges checked.
In case of manual execution via Console window, the console itself (cmd.exe) must be Run as administrator.

In this mode DataPump works as a web service exclusively for Earthlight use.

It is necessary for the user who executes Data Pump in this mode to be allowed access to the network locations where remote files are stored.