Data Sheet

StatMap Earthlight is a fully-featured GIS product built specifically for the Web. Earthlight is unique in the marketplace featuring full editing capabilities together with a highly scalable design.


Zoom & pan – Navigate through maps effortlessly with the compass rose. Drag & drop panning, mouse wheel zooming and blazing performance create truly engaging experience.
Measure – Use ruler tool to measure distances and areas. Multiple measurements at the same time and instant unit switching is fully provided.
Gazetteers – Find any address quickly and precisely. Sub-second results and automatic postcode recognition complements this invaluable tool.
Find In Layers – Search any layer for any business attribute. Administrators can specify which fields are searchable and in which order.
Find Nearest – Find nearest objects from any layers. Results are sorted by distance and presented in imperial or SI units.
British National Grid – Display any location within British National Grid. Both BNG coordinates and map sheet references are accepted.
Instant access – Don’t waste your time hunting for the most common functions. All essential navigation functionality is duplicated directly on the status bar.


Performance – Drill down through 50 layers below one second. All results are delivered to your browser instantly.
Context actions – Perform all common actions fast and efficiently. Copying results to clipboard or exporting them to Excel is just one click away.
Hyperlinks & Tooltips – Get fast access to associated data. URLs are automatically detected in result sets and replaced with hyperlinks. You can also define columns which will be displayed in a tooltip when a cursor hovers above the map.


Group layers – Organize layers in groups and nest them if necessary. Just add group layer and drag all sub-layers.
Raster layers – Display raster images effortlessly: from OS 10K maps to large aerial datasets.
INSPIRE – Attach INSPIRE metadata to any layer. Embedded editor ensures metadata correctness.
Sessions – Save your entire workspace in your private profile. Last workspace is saved automatically, so you can resume your work when you left it.
Fast map access – Use Map selector to open predefined maps promptly. Various departments can be presented with different sets of maps.


Geometries – Add polygons, lines, points, rectangles, frames, circles and discs. Combine basic geometries with buffering to create even more shapes like corridors (line+buffer) or doughnuts (circle+buffer).
Undo – Draw with confidence thanks to unlimited undo. All editing operations are fully reversible. Should you change your mind – there is also unlimited redo.
Tracing – Capture shapes which are perfectly aligned to MasterMap geometries. In just a few clicks you can automatically outline a terraced house represented by multiple geometries.
Cloning – Copy geometries and/or attributes from other layers. A handy inspector allows you to quickly identify geometries based on business attributes e.g. planning app reference.
Spatial operations – Move, rotate, merge, slice and apply buffers with a single click. Or take full control over a desired spatial operation and input its parameters manually.
Node editing – Fine-tune any geometry in the node editing mode. All auxiliary services such as undo or snapping are fully supported.
Drawing modes – Enjoy a perfect control over drawing process: from freehand doodling through snap&trace-assisted sketches to coordinate-perfect designs.
Validation – Don’t worry about saving invalid geometries. Comprehensive validation and the automatic cleansing process ensures topological correctness of all geometries.


Ad-hoc comments – Add arrows and comments quickly without worrying about their persistence. They won’t be saved unless you want to.
Permanent annotations – Create persistent annotation layers, add them to multiple maps and share them with other users.
Fully customizable – Change annotation look instantly: select a predefined style from the gallery or fine-tune directly from the toolbar.
Easy to access and use – Rest assured that annotations will be keenly used by occasional and power users. A dedicated tab provides a single access point to this essential functionality.


Select by attributes – Select records based on business attributes, e.g. select all abandoned vehicles reported last month.
Select by ad-hoc geometries – Locate all records across multiple layers which spatially relate to freehand geometry, e.g. all planning applications from 5 layers within 25 metres distance from a desired location.
Select by other layers – Select all records which are in a specific spatial relation with other layer, e.g. all addresses which are within high flood risk areas.
Batch operations – Perform edit operations on the whole selection, e.g. move multiple records from draft to approved layers.
SQL Query Builder – Build complex queries easily thanks to field and operator lists enriched with syntax validation.
Table browser – View all or only selected records in a tabular form. Browse and change your data with full text searching and in-place editing.


Full-colour symbols – Create symbols from any PNG file: clipart, drawing or photo. No more tedious vector-based editors or uneditable fonts.
Textured fills – Use any bitmap as polygon fill: from monochromatic polka dots to photorealistic grass patterns.
Transparency – See through overlapping geometries thanks to semitransparent fills. Make your maps stand out with colourful polygons and smooth shadows under symbols.
Composite lines – Visualize roads and highways with multi-coloured lines. Thanks to built-in line editor, you can create highcontrast line styles in seconds.
Directional (T-styling) lines – Apply “T” mark styling to a boundary to show responsibility.
Nodes and arrows – Define custom line endings like bullets and arrows. Show nodes or distribute symbols evenly across the whole line.
Predefined libraries – Choose predefined styles from vast libraries of pre-created items. Libraries designed for specific industries like local authorities are true time savers.
Corporate palettes – Define custom palettes with corporate colours. Create multiple palettes for different tasks and instantly switch between them when needed.


Large prints – Create even very large prints delivered directly to your browser. Generate PDF documents up to A0.
Watermarking – Select any image and use it as a watermark. Just adjust its transparency, add license information and share fully copyrighted prints.
Data and charts – Embed query results and charts directly in the prints. No more tedious copy-pasting maps, charts and tables to word processors.
Custom layouts – Author page layouts e.g. maps, legends, scale bars and north arrows. You can even predefine allowed print scales.
User-defined fields – Lock page layouts and still allow other users to partially alter prints. This controlled customization enforces proper print copyrighting.
Live preview – See how different scales and page layouts affect prints before they are created. No more surprises when opening PDFs.
Inset maps – Enclose overview maps and detailed maps directly on one page. You can set their scales and centres independently.

Height data

Digital Terrain Model – Load, process and analyze height data e.g. to evaluate high risk flood zones.
Advanced visualization – Analyze terrain surface with the complete set of visualization tools: contours, gradient colours, hill-shading and vector fields.
Heights, aspects and slopes – Get instant access to height information at any given point. Aspect and slope data is also available.
Height profiles – Display multiple surface profiles using area charts.


Role based management – Manage which functionality is available to particular users/user groups. Permissions are collected into roles to provide high granularity management.
Detailed access control – Control access to individual layers or layer groups. Users and user groups can be granted or denied read/write access.

User experience

Branding – Customize Earthlight look and feel. You can upload logos and change colours – globally or for specific departments.
Scalable interface – Use full width of your desktop screen but still have complete access to all features even on a small netbook. Dynamically resized user interface automatically adjusts itself to available space.
Out-of-the-box functionality – Enjoy a complete and comprehensive solution. You don’t need to hire software developer to assemble something usable from the set of lowlevel blocks.
Not only for power users – Don’t guess the meaning behind the icons. All icons are accompanied by descriptions so even an occasional, non-power user can quickly identify required tool.

Data sources

Databases – Store your data securely in one of the leading databases: Microsoft SQL Server 2008, PostgreSQL with PostGIS or Oracle.
MasterMap – Upload OS MasterMap data and display topological layers and ITN correctly styled. StatMap Courier is the fastest MasterMap loader on the market and it is available free of charge with Earthlight license.
Import/Export – Exchange data with other systems. The most common vector and raster formats are supported.
No proprietary formats – Retain access to your data – always. Earthlight doesn’t use any proprietary format – without vendor locking you always have a choice.

Performance and scalability

Hundreds of users – Serve GIS services to hundreds of users even from a single server. Earthlight was specifically designed to support high traffic and large customer base even on moderate hardware.
Sub-second rendering – Improve your work quality and reduce annoying pauses. With 0.1 second per map, you no longer have to wait for map rendering.
Low network usage – Reuse existing network infrastructure and ensure fast map delivery to all your users. Advanced compression and efficient delivery system let you avoid network overloading.
Low database utilization – Keep your database responsive all the time – even on low spec servers. Thanks to advanced caching system database traffic is kept at minimum.
Virtualization – Utilize whole potential of your server farm as a hosting solution. Earthlight has proven record of successful deployments in virtual environments.


Site license – Save money on individual licenses. No more problems with buying additional licenses or limiting access to narrow user base.
Feature development – Capitalize on feature development included in a yearly maintenance fee. As long as a required feature will benefit other customers we will gladly add it to our to-do list – free of charge.
All-inclusive solution – Benefit from all features without hidden costs. You don’t have to pay extra for every additional piece of functionality – all inclusive.
Predictable costs – Find peace of mind with capped yearly fee. Yearly maintenance fee will never be raised beyond inflation rate.

To check software and hardware requirements please follow the link: Technical Architecture Diagram