Exporting MasterMap data to DXF format for AutoCAD users

StatMap Earthlight allows you to export any layer to DXF format. Both OS MasterMap layers and user-created layers can be exported into a single DXF file with matching styling.

How to export MasterMap layers using Export command

  1. Open a map with MasterMap layers
  2. Select Export command from Administration tab/Layers group
  3. Select Topographic Line and Cartographic Text from Layers to export list
  4. Select AutoCAD DXF from Export format list
  5. Make sure to check Limit exported data to current view
  6. Click Export button

Creating dedicated map for DXF export

If you want to export MasterMap on regular basis, it might be feasible to create a separate map. The map should only contain MasterMap layers which will reduce number of user interactions and greatly speed up the extracting workflow. It will also allow you to fine-tuned MasterMap styling for AutoCAD users.
DXF model units
All geometries exported from Earthlight to DXF files are expressed either in meters or in millimetres (i.e. multiplied by x1000 to convert them from GIS metres).
AutoCAD Layers
A new DXF file will still maintain GIS layer structure. All records with different styling and from different layers will be stored in separate AutoCAD layers. AutoCAD users can decide directly from AutoCAD software whether they want to hide, restyle or delete unwanted map elements on the per-layer basis (for instance they can easily change colour of all building outlines).
Styling considerations
Earthlight tries to transfer as many styling attributes as possible to DXF file. Particularly the following attributes are copied:

  • all colours
  • line widths expressed in paper units (i.e. millimetres, points and pixels)
  • font angles and sizes expressed in ground units (metres)

The only restrictions apply to line styling and polygon geometries. Line dash/dot units in AutoCAD can be interactively switched between paper/ground units and it is not possible to export them correctly – therefore these attributes are being ignored. Polygons are usually not intended to be edited in CAD software therefore they are replaced with their outlines during export.