Technical support of all our products is provided solely by developers. This leads to fast response times and efficient resolutions of any issues. StatMap Support handles full spectrum of events which includes:

  • guiding users re: existing Earthlight features
  • recommendation how customer specific problem can be solved using our products
  • discussion and cooperation in submitting feature requests
  • resolving software issues
  • helping maintaining server-side datasets like raster imaginary, MasterMap datasets or scheduled, batch uploads
  • performing deployments of upgrades to testing and live environments

All support requests can be submitted via ticketing system (link to this system can be found below) or in case of Critical issue via call during StatMap business hours. Our usual response time for support query is below one hour and we usually provide a satisfactory resolution the same day.

Support aiding features

Our core products contain specially designed reporting feature which creates perpetual reports of issues experienced by all system users. There are three tiers of logs:

  • Incident reports which describe a single error instance. They contain all details associated with issue event like user name, screenshot, used layers/maps etc. Those reports are stored permanently on Earthlight servers and can be retrieved by GIS manager.
  • Security logs which describe users’ activities and are used by system managers to detect any security breaches.
  • Low-level logs which are kept on the server and are not accessible from the client PCs. They contain information from internal monitoring systems and can help in resolving more elusive issues like performance bottlenecks.

Dealing with software errors

  • Small issues/bugs which are not critical are always fixed in the next software release (6 month cycle).
  • All issues detected in testing environments are fixed in the final release (1 month delay).
  • Critical issues which are detected in final releases are fixed immediately (usually within 24 hours) and upgrade is offered immediately to all customers outside release schedule. However occurrences of such events are very rare after introduction of two-step deployment process (testing and live servers).


There are no limitations on number of calls or emails which can be sent to StatMap support. Also there are no charges involved in providing remote support whether it is an upgrade or investigating user-caused issue. However we try to abide a single point of contact policy and we appreciate if all feature requests are channelled through GIS/IT manager or his/her deputy. While we do not treat a “single” point of contact literally and we are happy to response to 1-3 designated people from client organization, we are not in position to provide entry-level user support for the whole user base.
The support is provided 5 days a week between 8:00 – 16:00, excluding bank holidays and Christmas break between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day.

If you want to know how to write a good issue report, please follow this link:

How to write a good issue report.

If you wish to learn how to use the Support Center, please follow this link:

How to use Support Center