Installed Earthlight or a tale of Silverlight out-of-browser problem

On 12 May 2015 a patch was released by Microsoft to fix a potential security flaw. This patch singlehandedly brought all Silverlight applications requiring local installation to their knees. Silverlight and Microsoft forums are dotted with posts describing problems relating to opening hyperlinks or saving files to local machines.

After more than a month of voicing dissatisfaction on various forums, Microsoft admitted that the way the security flaw was handled can be considered a rushed solution and confirmed that the Silverlight team may provide a resolution for this. Please see the post below for details.

This is the first time Microsoft admitted that there is a problem. Unfortunately the vagueness of the statement “They may provide a resolution for this in next release” does not bade well for the return of lost functionality in a near future.

A full conversation regarding the aforementioned issue including the above post can be followed here:

As you may have already discovered Earthlight was also affected by this problem. Luckily for us installing Earthlight is just an option when working with our system. Earthlight is fully functional as a web browser tab and here the hyperlink opening or file saving works as expected.

What all this means for you, Earthlight aficionados, is that using an installed version of Earthlight is no longer a feasible option.