Combining layers in WMS

Q: We’re currently looking to be able to combine MasterMap layers – notably the TopographicArea, CartographicText and CartographicSymbol layers – into one layer which can be served to applications consuming web mapping services within the council’s network. Is there a way of combining these layers using the controls available in Earthlight for configuring the WMS? This can be done with Geoserver – but I don’t know about the tools exposed by Earthlight.

A: It is possible to configure Earthlight WMS in such a way that a group of layers is added to the WMS consuming application as a single layer. I will describe how to configure WMS to achieve this behaviour.

  1. Create a new map which will be used to serve required layers to third party applications via WMS.
  2. Now we need to set up tags for all the layers that we want to control in the application.

    Please remember to set tags for all layers that you want to control in the external application.

  3. Please go to Administration tab and click WMS Service tool. In Manage WMS Servers window click Add button to create a new WMS Server. The Server Details dialog window will be displayed:
  4. Click on Copy WMS URL button to get a path of chosen WMS Server (it is now in a Clipboard).
  5. For the purpose of this guide I have used a QGIS application. In the QGIS I have used Add WMS/WMTS Layer tool to add our WMS_TEST server to the application. To create a connection to WMS_TEST you need to provide all required information.