New features and issues fixed in Earthlight 13.02

Please find below list of all the new features that will be introduced in the latest version of StatMap Earthlight / Aurora suite.


  1. Moved Tag box to General properties tab making it accessible for all layer types

  2. Added delay for address search to offload some workload from weak servers

  3. Version number based on BuildTimeStamp

  4. Minimal Page Layout grid set at 2mm, increments by 2mm

  5. Projection file (.prj) required for ESRI Shapefile import

  6. Copy Layer Properties allows to quickly select all layers/maps/sessions. It also copies Tags, Metadata URLs and is more robust (continues on errors within sessions)

  7. Field values are now preserved when changing templates in Print dialog

  8. Page Layouts can now override global DPI

  9. It is now possible to create new layers with mixed geometries

  10. Gradient colours can be now applied to background, foreground and outline colours

  11. All geometries (polygons, lines) can be drawn as points at specific scale threshold

  12. Added support for mixed-typed geometries

  13. Added ability to copy height profile data to clipboard

  14. Height profiles now support user-defined steps (given in meters)

  15. Grid layer now supports OS Landranger styling

  16. Find Nearest returns closest 20 results instead of 10

  17. Added editing hints and validation

  18. Added confirmation window to prevent accidental log out

  19. Label position configuration inverted to be more intuitive

  20. CSV added as an acceptable data source in Administration tab / Import tool

  21. Reintroduce access-denied warnings on client when adding layers to open maps

  22. Data Pump Watcher recursively lists all subfolders of the Watched folder searching for datasets

  23. Added patch for ESRI bug in BNG projection scaling factor


  1. Added Copy… button to Save Record task properties dialog

  2. Added IE10 support

  3. Added geometry field to AddressBox control so it can be saved via SaveRecord task

  4. Added OutputValue support to CaptureGeometry taskimage

  5. Added Redirect task

  6. Implemented Select Location task image

  7. HTML links can now contain target=_self parameter which cause links to replace Aurora

  8. Added show_viewfinder=true URL parameter to display pushpin at the centre of a viewport

  9. Inspect now correctly abides layer visibility thresholdings – Inspect shows results depending on the layers that are actually visible in Aurora in this scale

  10. "Link" button can now be hidden from Aurora UI

  11. SelectLocation now uses callouts for selection with user-defined expressions

  12. ExpressionResolver now trims DateTime fields to dates if time component is 00:00:00

  13. URL addresses are now NOT redecorated with <a> if they are already part of <a> attribute embedded in expression

  14. Fixed unescaping HTML tags from expressions

  15. Power of 2 scales are now enforced

  16. Map All now takes bigger viewport to account for the backdrops, copyrights and wind rose

  17. Added error propagation when Aurora data cannot be saved via SaveRecord task

  18. Added workflow logging (for statistics)

  19. Added HTTPAddress resolving if HTTPAddress of Aurora.svc is not set explicitly

  20. Label next to the pushpin is no longer wrapped

Issues that were fixed in this release:

  1. Inability to create large size prints of maps with complex line styling

  2. Enforced security check when inspecting records using Buffer option

  3. Adding new column now respects column types

  4. Escapes made on the Create from Clipboard to prevent conflicts with database column name reserved keywords

  5. Create from Clipboard now correctly replaces commas in records

  6. Data Pump: Disabled automatic column mapping by names which mixed up geometries in collation script

  7. Aurora: Fixed result pane height

  8. Moving line annotation does not turn it into polygon anymore

  9. Fixed SpaceMap collection disposal when errors occurred

  10. Parent layers now reflect fixed error state of their children

  11. Removed simplification process in Contour Polygonizer tool

  12. Label placement is now calculated after geometry is collapsed to point (when using draw as point above scale threshold) instead of using original (non-collapsed) geometry

  13. Fixed export geometry as WKT always returned system.byte[] text when exporting to CSV

  14. Fixed Table\Reload command

  15. ThisServerId and ThisServerNumber now defaults to machine name and numbers extracted from machine name if not set explicitly in web.config

  16. Added more meaningful error message when serializing invalid geometries

  17. Aurora: Enforced proper IE compatibility mode

  18. Fixed Simple and Column-based labelling

  19. Problem with exporting point layer to DXF

  20. Aurora: Custom email body was ignored by Send by email task

  21. DataPump: Empty source collections are now translated into empty POINT target collections

  22. DataPump: Fixed ESPG identification

  23. Removed duplicated message about Height layer absence when creating Height profile

  24. Scale Bar editor no longer highlights past unit choices in the drop down menu

  25. Fixed multithreading issue when opening maps without duplicated layers

  26. Fixed column definitions in Create layer command

  27. Aurora: Fixed propagation of watermarks as user-entered values

  28. Non-existent Role caused user’s inability to log into the system

  29. Fixed attribute queries in XY layers

  30. Data Pump: Missing files reporting fixed

  31. Repository file cache now does not block multiple reading operations