Line with arrows

Q: Please can we have a line style which has directional arrows along the length of it but no big arrow at the start of the line? This is because when you zoom out the arrows at the beginning of the lines cover everything.

A: The easiest and fastest way to create any line style is by using the Resource Editor in Earthlight.
To create a line style that you’ve described please follow the steps below.

1. Please click on the Resource Editor tool from Administration tab.

2. Click on Line Styles…

3. Choose the style that you want to edit (the easiest style to edit will be the Black Line) and click Edit in the Line Style Picker.

4. On the next screen, click Components to be sure that there is only one element – the black line. If there are more elements you can simply delete them by clicking Delete  button. Next set the width of the line. In this example we are using a line that is 2 px wide because it nicely fits the arrow symbol that we will be configuring later.

5. Please click on Markers tab and the click Edit on the Mid marker.

6. Click Load and select an image of an arrow (preferably a .png with transparent background) from your local computer. Depending on the width of the line please set the size of the symbol accordingly (in this example we set the Size to 10 px) and click OK.

7. Depending on whether you want the arrow symbol to adjust its colour to the colour of the line or not, you should check the Override Black / White: for the former and leave it unchecked for the latter. In our example the symbol only uses black colour so there is no need to check the White: box. We also want the symbol to change angle in accordance to the angle of line segment that it describes so we need to check the Angle: box. We set the Gap ratio: to 5. This means that there will be 5 symbol size lengths gap between each symbol. If you like the new Line Style that you have created please accept this settings by clicking OK.

8. Please click Save as… on the Line Style Picker and select the name and location where the new Line Style should be saved.