New features in Earthlight version 12.11

It is required to have Silverlight version 5.0 installed on the server and the Client machines to be able to run Earthlight.

In this post I’d like to let you know about new features that were added to Earthlight and Aurora in the last couple of weeks. This post describes the most important additions to Earthlight and Aurora and lists the less prominent at the bottom. First two are brand new features that many of you asked for. We hope that you will find them useful.


1. Creating a layer from clipboard

2. Automated Geocoding of data

Please note:
This feature is still in testing, so it is not intended for general use. However we would like to hear your feedback on the functionality and capabilities of this tool.

As you can see on the screenshot below, both these functions are available only if their respective permissions are enabled.

3. Inspection tab in Global User Settings allows you to control which Inspection options will be switched on by default for a user or a group of users.

4. Copy layer properties propagates changes not only to layers and maps but also to sessions.

5. Gazetteer import now supports multiline records

6. Dynamic copyrights in prints and saved images (change in Page Layout / Map element properties required)

7. Date and Time pickers added to edited fields in Earthlight

Additional step is required to use this, since not that many date fields are actually required to have time entered, you have to configure the ones that do by changing Column format / Content type

8. Rename Schemas in Internal Services now propagates changes to sessions.

9. Redesigned StatMap logo in Earthlight

When mouse cursor is hovering over the logo, version of the software as well as the environment designation can be seen in a tooltip.
When the logo is clicked webpage is opened in a new browser tab.


1. Support for multiple inspect queries

2. Clear address box now also removes pushpin from the map

3. Logo is now in Script Settings instead of Theme Editor

4. %20 in decorated URL is now correctly escaped in all browsers

5. HTML <b> tags removed from Address Search box

6. Map all (zoom to bounding box of the query results) added to Aurora workflows – In order to see this option in Aurora the text must be configured in Aurora Script Settings / Labels

Less prominent features:


  • Fixed multithreading issue when opening maps without duplicated layers
  • Moved Tag box to general properties tab making it accessible for all layer types
  • Enforced security restrictions in layer export
  • Resolved issue where View manifest was corrupted by Firestarter
  • Another approach to fixing bleeding map annotations
  • Added support for dates in Flare
  • Added workflow reference id
  • Prevented bleeding map annotations between user sessions
  • Added Access attribute to General metadata


  • Fixed propagating inspect_query parameter
  • Fixed sending long forms back to server
  • Added waitscreen when opening new script in Aurora Creator
  • Added copyrights wrapping
  • Re-fixed removing bold HTML tags from address box