Adding geometry to ungeocoded record

Q: We have a dataset that is 99% geocoded, and picking up the last few records to geocode manually should not take long, but the problem we are having is how to edit these records to give them a geometry. In this case the geometry is a point. We can Inspect or use the Mark & Move tool to make the already geocoded points editable, and we can use the Select Ungeocoded button in the Table tab to select the ungeocoded records, but we can’t work out how to use the Inspect or Mark and Move tool on the ungeocoded records or to edit them once we have Selected them.

A: The Select ungeocoded feature in Table tab is a bit confusing. It was created to allow selection and amendment of ungeocoded records’ business attributes. If you want to geocode an ungeocoded record you have to open the Map tab and:

  1. Go to Find In Layer,
  2. On the Query tab check Find only ungeocoded records and click Find,
  3. Select Inspect All Record from Results tab.

Now you will have first 100 ungeocoded records in your Inspect pane and you can just click Edit and geocode them.