Short guide on how to assign Permissions to Roles and Roles to Users

Earthlight uses Permissions to enable or disable access to the features and GUI elements.
Sets of Permissions are called Roles. Because Users cannot be assigned individual permissions, you have to group permissions into aforementioned Roles and assign Roles to Users.

Assigning Permissions to Roles
In order to create a Role please choose Add… in the Roles management window.

This will display the dialog shown below.

Enter a name of the Role (this is mandatory) and Description (this is optional) and mark the check-boxes next to the permissions that you want to enable.
Click OK when you have finished to save the Role.

If you want to change an existing Role, check the role name on the list and click Change… This will execute Change Role dialog.

This dialog is almost an exact copy of the Create New Role dialog. As you can see the Role name text box is greyed out. That’s because you cannot change the name of an existing Role. You can change the role Description and set or clear Permissions.

Assigning Roles to Users
Roles are assigned to Users in Users and Groups window.
As you can see you only have to click on the user or group of users, click Roles then Add and pick from the list the role that you want to add.