Gazetteer Search Field names

Q: When I open the Find Address search window it allows me to search for addresses but the field names are the same as in the database and these are not very user-friendly. How can I amend these search fields?

A: I will explain to you how to prepare a more user-friendly interface.

  1. Go to Administration tab, Layers section, Modify.


  2. Select your Gazetteer. Probably you will have to Go back to main directory, then enter Gazetteers directory.


  3. Vector Layer Properties, select Table tab and click Searched fields…


  4. Layer Search Settings, you can specify:
    Search column name – your custom name for each column; you can use same name for several columns if they contains same information
    Search column order – order of your columns in Find Address menu
    Matching operator – if you operate on strings, Contains, Start/ End with is good option, if on numbers Smaller/Greater/Equals etc.