Line markers

Q: Would it be possible to have a line with multiple arrow heads along it? We already have a line which has one arrow head but for longer lines, multiple arrow heads would be beneficial for showing direction.

A: Yes, it is possible and the short guide below will show you how to do this.

  1. Select your arrow (Select tool on Edit section) and edit it with Change style tool on Style section (everything is located in Annotations tab).
  2. Line Style Picker window, click Edit… below Preview.
  3. Edit Line Style window, go to Markers tab and Edit… below Mid markers.
  4. Edit Point Style window, Load image and set suitable Size (try 32).
    image – We recommend using image in the .png format with transparent background and perfect black colour for the symbol itself. This allows Earthlight to change the symbol colour in accordance to the line colour.
  5. Again, Edit Line Style check Angle (mid markers will now follow direction of line) and set suitable Gap ratio  (try 2.0, to avoid overcrowded line with mid markers). Optionally you may also check Colour if your arrow is of a different colour then black.
  6. Deselect arrow to see your changes.