Who we are

StatMap Ltd is a software house specialising in the supply of spatial and forecasting programs to our clients within Central Government, Local Government and Private Industry. Our team is made up of professionals with a vast array of expertise in a variety of disciplines ranging from software development and statistics through to financial analysis and management. The nature of our dedicated and highly experienced teams means that we have a better understanding of the day-to-day challenges faced by our clients.

Our products

With StatMap you benefit from our many years of industrial experience and scientific research. Our products use cutting edge technology, designed to be easy to use, clear and intuitive – so increasing efficiencies by removing time spent on decoding complex user interfaces. All of our extensive and ever growing business knowledge is distilled into our applications, which not only meet your requirements but also turn your work into a smooth, productive and stress-free experience.

Your input

We are a UK-based company. We don’t hide behind the sales department and we are always keen to listen to your ideas and suggestions to continuously develop our software to meet each of your challenges. We have learnt from experience that building and sustaining collaborative relationships with our customers, which are based on partnership and mutual understanding, is always beneficial to both sides. Your input is critical, as it allows us to create products which continue to better fulfil your needs and give you an engaging experience in everyday use.